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 Geistige Getränke Geistige Getränke

Brände & Liköre, handgemacht & hochprozentig

Handgemachte hochprozentige Getränke mit Individualitätsanspruch. Dieses gerade erschienene Handbuch aus dem gestalten-Verlag bietet einen inspirierenden Überblick der besten Brennereien und ihrer geistigen Getränke.

Herausgeber: Christian Schneider, Dirk Mönkemöller, Cathrin Brandes, Robert Klanten
Mit Texten von Christoph Keller
Format: 24 × 28 cm
Ausstattung: Vollfarbig, Hardcover, 240 Seiten

Ob Whiskey aus Japan, Pastis aus Großbritannien, Gin aus dem Schwarzwald oder Rum aus Kalifornien: Geistige Getränke präsentiert Gins, Brände, Whiskys und andere hochprozentige Getränke von kleineren Manufakturen und Privatbrennereien, die mit hochwertigen Zutaten regional produzieren. Was die Kaffee-, Brot- oder Craft-Beer-Revolutionen in den letzten Jahren in Bewegung gesetzt haben, beeinflusst nun auch die Herstellung von Hochprozentigem. Anspruchsvolle Genießer wünschen sich ganz besondere Tropfen aus handwerklicher Herstellung in limitierten Mengen – als kleine Rebellion gegen das eintönige Standardsortiment und als Ausdruck von Kreativität, Innovation und der Freunde am Genuss.

Geistige Getränke bietet einen breiten, sorgfältig ausgewählten Überblick über die besten und außergewöhnlichsten Getränke dieser Kategorie und erzählt die Geschichten dahinter. Das Kompendium berichtet von historischen Familienbrennereien, die ihr Revival erleben, von jungen Querdenkern und wilden Experimentierfreudigen auf der Suche nach besonderen Ausgangsstoffen und dem radikalen Geschmacks­erlebnis. Das Buch zeigt die Bandbreite an Möglichkeiten und Geschmackspotenzialen, die auch gerne mal um ungewöhnliche ­Zutaten erweitert werden. Die Unterschiede und Eigenschaften der verschiedenen Spirituosen werden erklärt, Einblicke in die Produktion gewährt und originelle Rezeptideen vorgestellt. Nicht zuletzt spiegelt sich der besondere Charakter dieser Getränke auch in ihren Flaschen, Labels oder anderen Verpackungen.

Geistige Getränke ist ein Handbuch für Profis, Gourmets und Interessierte. Ob in der Bar oder im heimischen Regal: Diese Raritäten können sich sehen lassen und beweisen eine fortgeschrittene Trinkkultur. Mit ihnen lassen sich ganz besondere Cocktails zaubern oder auch Speisen verfeinern. Wohl bekomm’s!

Das Buch erscheint auch auf Englisch als Out of the Jar.

Herausgeber von Geistige Getränke sind Christian Schneider und Dirk Mönkemöller, die gemeinsam The ­Weekender – ­Magazin für Einblicke und Ausflüge vierteljährlich veröffentlichen, sowie Cathrin Brandes, die sich als Expertin für New Food Culture einen Namen gemacht hat.

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 Out of the Jar Out of the Jar

Crafted Spirits & Liqueurs

Creative handcrafted spirits: This book presents an inspiring overview of the best distilleries around the world.

Editors: Cathrin Brandes, Christian Schneider, Dirk Mönkemöller, Robert Klanten
With 2 essays by Christoph Keller (Stählemühle / Monkey 47)
Features: Full color, hardcover, 240 pages, 24 × 28 cm

Gin from the Schwarzwald, whiskey from New York’s oldest distillery, rum from California: Out of the Jar features a wide array of spirits from small manufacturers and private distilleries that produce regional products using premium ingredients. The revolution experienced over the last few years in the fields of coffee, bread, and craft beer is influencing the production of spirits too. The discerning connoisseur seeks that special drop made by artisanal manufacturers in limited batches. It is a rebellion against the uniformity of the standard product range, as well as an expression of creativity, innovation, and the joy of a good drink.

Out of the Jar offers a selection of the best and most unusual drinks in this category and tells the stories behind them. It reports on historic family-run distilleries experiencing their revival, young lateral thinkers, and wild adventure-seekers on the hunt for extraordinary raw materials and radical outcomes. The book shows the spectrum of possibilities that can result from experimenting with unusual ingredients. The characteristics of different spirits are explained, and insights into their production are offered along with original recipe ideas. Last but not least, these drinks’ witty labels and imaginative packaging are also explored.

Out of the Jar is a guide book for professionals, gourmet enthusiasts, and people who are interested in craft spirits and liqueurs. Whether at a bar or at home, these sophisticated drinks demonstrate an advanced appreciation for alcohol’s finest; they can be used to create distinctive cocktails or to enhance your cooking. Here’s to you!

Out of the Jar is edited by Christian Schneider and Dirk Mönkemöller, who also publish the German living, travel and culinary magazine The Weekender, as well as Cathrin Brandes who is making her mark as an expert for new food culture.

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38,00 EUR
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 The Craft and the Makers The Craft and the Makers

Tradition with Attitude

Handwerkskusnt ist ein Ausdruck von Qualitätsbewusstsein, Leidenschaft und einer komnsequenten Geisteshaltung. Diese neue Publikation aus dem Gestalten-Verlag ist ein Showcase für handwerkliche Produkte aller Art und deren Geschichte – den Menschen hinter dem Handwerk, den kleinen Manufakturen und den leidenschaftlichen Weltverbesserern!

Herausgegeben von Duncan Campbell, Charlotte Rey, Robert Klanten und Sven Ehrmann
24 x 28 cm, 256 Seiten, 500 Farbabbildungen, Hardcover

Craftsmanship is in more demand than ever and small manufacturers are experiencing an overwhelming renaissance. We are increasingly looking for products that last and have their own histories; things that meld form, function, and emotion into a compelling entity. This desire will continue to shape our attitudes toward consumer and luxury goods as well as innovation for the foreseeable future. Today, there are already many people who are not concerned with a logo, chasing the next trend, or contributing to a disposable society. They would rather seek objects of real value and own things with which they can truly identify.

The Craft and the Makers showcases savvy businesses that are choosing to focus on craftsmanship and aiming to create things with a soul. A decisive role is played by melding tradition and innovation—from the raw materials used to the finished product. The book introduces small enterprises as well as the personalities that drive them. These artisans are using their skills to produce handicraft that meets the highest standards. Whether furniture, porcelain, or leather goods, all of the products featured here offer today’s true luxury: the perfect fusion of creativity and craftsmanship that results in quality and durability. Reflecting this spirit, every page is a testament to the products created with heart that are much more than a sum of their parts.

Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey met in Paris while working together on Acne Paper. As a natural evolution of their widely respected work for this award-winning fashion publication, they were asked to consult on various projects and founded their own agency, Campbell–Rey, in 2013. Their work spans the worlds of brand development, design, curation, and image making, and is united by their sensitive approach and classical, elegant aesthetic. Campbell and Rey share a particular interest in heritage brands, craftsmanship, and how traditional techniques are more relevant than ever in today’s crowded marketplace.

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39,00 EUR
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 Wildside – The Enchanted Life of Hunters and Gatherers Wildside – The Enchanted Life of Hunters and Gatherers

The woods are alive with possibilities: Retreat into nature, meet mushroom pickers, collectors, and explorers. Build cabins and scenic trails, create crafts, or start inspired projects. This is the way to the forest.

Editors: Robert Klanten
Features: Full color, hardcover, 256 pages, 22 × 28 cm

Language: English

Step into the woods —refuge and escape and home. Some go there to hike or fish. The people and projects presented in this book do so much more. Join them as they gather honey from wild hives and pick mushrooms from beneath secretive oaks. Build a cabin of your own, or a look‑out up in the treetops.

Bike trails, walking paths, woodcrafts. Anything and everything to experience the forest, both architectural and intangible. With profiles and essays that inspire us to step off the beaten path and photographs that bring the experience home, Wildside is the guide to modern outdoor activities. Obi Kaufman’s works of poetry and illustration echo the feeling and vibrations of the California wilderness. Working within the realm of conservation and possessing a passion for defending the wilderness, his creations spin a thread of environmental awareness and artistic honesty. Christian Watson interweaves tradition with his perspective as a millennial. He sheds technology and creature comforts to live within the world and the landscape. Juniper Ridge captures the scent and essence of the wild; their dedicated crew is at home crafting around a campfire and foraging for ingredients off forest trails. These members of the cast of characters, and of hunters and gatherers, share the joy they receive from existing with and within nature, side by side with the murmurs and growls of the outdoors. Wildside is their collective narrative.

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40,00 EUR
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